Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Candid Baby Registry Of Sorts

First off, I apologize for any and all baby showers I have attended in my life. I picked them out some really cute stuff, but I had no clue how important it was to follow the registry. Mom's are picky, have their own style for baby, NEED specific things, and cringe at the thought of nine million newborn outfits when baby may not even fit in them by the time they make an appearance. It's even worse for the military moms...the thought of moving all the 'crap' we get is giving me nightmares. But don't get it twisted. I will take EVERYTHING you give me. I just prefer a receipt to go with it just in case *winkwink.

To make my life your life easier friends and family that have asked us what to get, I've created a comprehensive registry of MUST haves here for you. If you want to know what we really need/want, just follow this list and avoid boutique ruffle pant suits {BLEH} and all things PINK. Mint, Amethyst, Mustard = winners. Pink = heck to the nope. Yes, I know I will have to get used to pink, but I sure as heck don't have to start off with it. Tell me these colors aren't just as fun and more 'us':

Also important to note, we have acquired a few things already that you can skip over. We are so incredibly blessed to have my Portuguese FIL making us a bassinet, we have the privilege of using the rocking horse and changing table that my grandfather handcrafted for me when I was a baby, blankets from all the grandmas, and my other grandparents have bought us a crib and glider set. Since we are moving this year, I would have just bought a pack'n play and called it a day, but who am I to say no to all these fabulous free things...To say the least, we are overwhelmed with the family support.

Potential Nursery Set up:

If you don't care for the specifics, we are registered at Target, Amazon, and Babies 'R Us (I hate Babies 'R Us, which is a story for a different day), but either way, I suggest ordering online. They actually make it super difficult by having different things at different stores, so as long as you can get free/discounted shipping it's WAY easier. Don't forget Craigslist either. I am completely fine with gently used items. As long as it's on our list, I should add.

*For Non-Bloggers, links to the products are purple. Click the link and it will take you to the exact item! I tried to choose the best price/most wanted of the three registries for each link, but feel free to search whichever registry you prefer.*

NEEDS, or at least what I think we 'need':
Graco Travel System I love anything convertible/transitional, so this is a must. Car seat and stroller in one wins in my book, and this is one of the only sets that met all of our needs.
Car Seat Protector
The Coolest High Chair Ever
Baby Monitor
Baby Einstein DVD Set When I worked at the gym daycare, these DVD's were my secret to keeping the babies from crying when their mom's left. I am most definitely claiming them as a need. Amazon has it used too!
Baby clothes and Swaddlers To reiterate...NO PINK.
Crib Sheets Any lavender, sage, mint, ivory, white, etc will do!
Changing Pad and Cover
Breast Pump These babies are expensive, so used it A-OKAY. Hint: There's one for sale on the Fort Rucker Classifieds site that a few could go in on ;) (Tricare doesn't cover)
GIFT CARDS. I would have put diapers and wipes, but that would mean we could end up with nine million newborn diapers or have to move those diapers with us very soon. If you would like to donate to our diaper fund, then gift cards are the shizz. I really don't want to come off greedy, but I want people to know that I won't think you insincere for going the gift card route.


My #1: This GORGEOUS Chandelier Table Lamp. We move from rental to rental, so this is something to jazz up the room without having to paint or change light fixtures. That makes it practically a need. I neeeeeeed this ;)
Will's #1: The safest and most efficient Jogging Stroller you've ever seen. First, let me say that it's NOT cheap, and as such we have NO problem with a used BOB off Craigslist. Also, this could be an item to go in on with a group. We have researched extensively and this is the only one that has the best safety features, rubber tires, locking wheels, etc. that would make us feel safe running with her, which we will most definitely be doing as soon as she's strong enough to hang.

Pack 'n Play or Travel Crib

Precious Moments
Berenstein Bears
Guess How Much I Love You
The Tale Of Peter Rabbit
Tikki Tikki Tembo
The Story Of Babar
Stone Soup
Puff The Magic Dragon
Pippi Longstock
Princess And The Pea
Baby Belluga and Hello, Baby Beluga
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

Disney Movies
Swing/Bouncer System
Cart and Highchair Cover
Ergo Baby Carrier

 I hope you find this list 'fun enough', but you mom's know that it's the not-so-fun stuff that really matters. Like diapers, bottles, pacifiers, nipple covers (still don't know what those are), breast pumps, etc. We are so thankful for anything that we are given, but if all else fails, please include the receipt ;) With having multiple registries, I know we will end up with double gifts in spite of my best efforts.
Happy shopping!

Amazon, www.amazon.com/babyregistry and search our name.
Babies 'R Us, Registry #: 55794595