Friday, February 13, 2015

Twenty Week Bump Date

How Far Along: 20 Weeks!

New Experiences: I've only felt her once because I have an anterior placenta, but it was amazing when I did. It was very hard to detect, and yet once I caught on to the itsy bitsy repetition it was breathtaking.

Gender: Baby Girl! A.K.A. CQB until we announce the name. Just not sure when that will be.

Total Weight Gain: 7.o pounds

Sleep: Doesn't seem to be too difficult, but I am waking up around 5am some mornings. Luckily, I read my Kindle app for a bit and back to sleep I go for the most part.

Miss Anything: Now that I can't drink I want a margarita, but I think this is all too new to be missing much.

Cravings: I haven't 'craved' a single thing, but my appetite has changed. Thus far, I have had less of an appetite and I stand in the kitchen not wanting a single thing in there. However, I have been eating my weight in Carrot Hummus and strawberries with peanut butter as my late night snack. Hey, at least it's healthy.

Symptoms: Slight back pain that feels like a less intense kidney infection, getting up too quick causes dizziness, soreness in my booty piriformis muscle, and if I have a busy day I'm completely spent at night.

Belly Button/Body Changes: Belly button looks the same, but I think my hips have spread a bit, my boobs are ginormous, and about halfway through week 20 I started seeing the belly you see up there.

Maternity Clothes: I've bought some adorable second hand maternity clothes from other MilSpouses (bounus!), but technically I don't need them yet. I can't button my normal button ups, pants without 'give' are banished, and  although some things look a little funny on the tatas, most everything still fits.

Mood: I kinda feel like a new person. I all of a sudden have an overwhelming feeling of a special purpose, and it's pretty darn cool. I'm terrified of the responsibility of growing this being inside me, but at the same time it's inspiring and leading every decision I make.

Best Moment This Week: Listening to Will read to CQB for the first time this week. He read that the baby is getting to the point where she can hear his voice, so he wants to make sure she knows his voice.

Looking Forward to: Seeing the specialist on Fat Tuesday. I'm ready to see CQB again and get this appointment over that's been looming over our heads. I also hope we can enjoy Fat Tuesday a bit before coming home. We will be in Mobile (which is where Mardi Gras actually started, though most don't know), so I want to enjoy it.

Exercise: I've become more mindful of my breathing, taking breaks, and chugging water, but this baby hasn't stopped me since the doctor cleared me for exercise. I've definitely gotten slower in spite of my best efforts, but as long as I can keep trucking along in a healthy manner, there is no stopping me. We've got a 5K in a month, and heck yes I'm still doing it.

On My Mind:  Registries, Baby Showers, Getting the new house rented, and devouring ANYTHING baby/pregnancy related I can find. My mom asked me a bunch of questions about our plans for the pregnancy, and for the first time EVER, I had to say "I don't know." My mom was flabbergasted, because I'm Mama Janna and everyone comes to me for advice on everything. However, I know NOTHING about what is going on right now. The lack of knowledge is probably why I'm most terrified, but I just didn't think I'd ever need to know it. Speaking of which...I'll take every tip and bit of advice you can come up with. Don't be shy now!


  1. Awww, love this. So great knowing how happy you are and I know you're going to be great mama. :)

  2. I love, love, love this! I cannot wait to follow you on this adventure. :)

    Mandie ~

  3. I loooved the picture you posted to Insta of Will reading to C. So so sweet!

  4. it is SO overwhelming registering and baby things and all that! many people reminded me that a baby baby really does not need much and while I still wanted all the things! :) It made me feel a little better that if I didn't have something or wasn't ready she would be just fine!

  5. Email me with any questions! I'm here to help!
    Also, your boobs are TOTALLY HUGE!! I only notice because Mia sucked the life outta mine... ha ha! I used to have big boobs before I ever got pregnant with her!
    Love that you popped! Sooooo exciting!

  6. so excited to follow yall along this journey!

  7. You are too dang cute!!!!! Can't wait to follow you on your journey!

  8. You are going to be an AMAZING mother!