Saturday, May 2, 2015

Love At First Sight

Sorry for the Repost overload, but I'm getting ready for a biiiig reveal Monday, and needed to be all caught up. I hope you are ready for it, because I AM ;)

I realized that in the hullabaloo of the beginning of {our knowledge} of this pregnancy, I never actually went in to detail about how things went down. The juiciest part is how I revealed it to Will, but I still haven't gotten the video of that edited, so today is all about our first doctors appointment. The one that seriously blew our minds...

At this point we had only known we were pregnant for a week, so we had no clue how far along we were, what we were having, and we still weren't even close to coming to terms with this situation. There had been much debate as to how far along I was, and although my best friend {the nurse that demanded I get labs done when I had back pain}was positive I was 12-14, the general consensus was that I had to be six weeks or so. Boy were they wrong.

I don't know how these appointments usually go, but we were immediately ushered into the ultrasound room. With a quickness, the nurse gelled me up, started wiggling her magic stick, and Will and I both looked at each other in complete shock when we saw a fully formed baby on the screen. Like we're talking a full profile, limbs, and you could even see the spine! We didn't know what that meant, but we were pretty sure that's not what we should have been seeing. Ignorant of our surprise, the nurse started spouting out facts like 10 oz, a due date that neither of us processed, and that little tidbit about us being 19 weeks along. Exqueeze ME??

Oh that heartbeat...still gives me chills, but then Will makes me laugh with his 'demon spawn' comment and helped me snap out of my state of shock with even more shenanigans in the screening room. I don't know what I'd do without him.

So next came talking with our new doctor, where his first question was whether we were switching doctors. I felt like a kid in the principle's office telling him, "No, we just didn't know we were pregnant." Although, he did take it better than I expected. He said size wise he wasn't surprised and went so far as to ask Will if he had noticed any signs, but Will insisted he hadn't {good answer, dear hubby}. To this, the doctor said and I quote, "Girl, you just blessed." At the time I didn't feel blessed, but it was reassuring that he didn't seem to be phased about it all.

Up until this point, one of us has always been in control and able to support the other. However, when you find out you are halfway through a pregnancy that you didn't plan in the first place, it wasn't surprising that we were both thrown for a loop. I can't even remember all the details of the conversations at that appointment, but there were a lot of Oh shit's, many exchanged looks of shock, and a few Damn's when we found out it was a girl. {Okay, okay, so maybe I'm the only one who said damn, but we had only come up with boys names thus far, and we all know I hate pink.} We may not have had it all together, but we walked out of that office with a folder full of information, pictures of our baby girl, and clinging to each other because no matter what...we were in this together.

I know we aren't the only couple to be taken by surprise when it comes to pregnancy, but that's not as reassuring as one may think. At least we've come a long way in the last 2.5 months, and's going to be our greatest adventure.


  1. This makes me want to cry happy tears. I am, again, SOOO freaking excited for you both! I can't imagine how you both were feeling at that first appointment. Blessed is right!