Saturday, May 2, 2015

Seven Months Bumpdate!

How Far Along 28 Weeks {as of last Monday}

New Experiences Watching my belly dance as she has a party in my tummy. It is the ca-raziest thing I've ever seen or felt. Like just now...she made my laptop bounce while I typed this. I have an 'anterior placenta', so it is on the front of my belly and homegirl kicks right through it.

Total Weight Gain 10 pounds. No complaints here!

Sleep Pretty great as long as I have my body pillow. It's funny, I have always been a back or stomach sleeper, and yet my body just seems to know that I need to sleep on my side. However, one just does not sleep on their side without a body pillow while pregnant if they want a quality night sleep consistently. I cannot imagine pregnancy without it.

Miss Anything NOPE. I was missing deli meats, but was then told that it's okay as long as I heat it up first. Hallelujah, I just want a sammich every now and then.

Cravings Still nada. It's harder to find things I want to eat in general, but at least I found out that my lack of appetite is probably due to my organs being smooshed together. Less room in my stomach coupled with a slower digestion period {to pull more nutrients from food} means I feel full most of the time.

Symptoms I feel great, but I can tell when I overdo it these days. My belly aches from the extra weight and I feel every ounce I've gained draining me when I exert myself too much. They say a pregnant woman burns more calories sitting on the couch cooking a baby than a man lifting weights, so no wonder a long day of being on your feet is killer.

Body Changes Belly button is staying in, but my abs STILL haven't separated. I am wearing some maternity clothes because I want to, but I still have a closet full of clothes that fit. Although, that dress up there? Wouldn't zip the next day.

Mood I have a bit of a short fuse these days, but I manage it pretty well. I have probably gotten a little more upset over small things, but I make an effort to not just spout off at the mouth. I want to voice my feelings without 'being mean'. Many things make me cry, but I've always been that way {behind closed doors}, so there is no telling if there's a difference there.

Best Moment This Week She stuck her tongue out at us on the last ultrasound! Poor thing has her face smooshed up against the placenta, and when they tried to get her to move she stuck her tongue out. We even got to see an instant replay of it, because I couldn't believe my own eyes. Boy do I love the details in the ultrasound at the specialist.

Looking Forward to Getting her crib set finished. First, I just have to start it.

Exercise I'm finding slightly less motivation to work out, so I'm just sticking with my two days on, one day off routine and switching up the exercise routine to accommodate how I feel that day. I have no excuse and need to keep my energy and stamina up for her!

On My Mind Pregnancy is scary. I feel like I have no control, and that scares the ish out of me. I do my best to eat what I'm supposed to, listen to my body, and avoid many situations, but I get overwhelmed thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Like what if I had bought Sabra Classic Hummus and got sick off the Lysteria? I'm not letting the fear stop me from enjoying the pregnancy, but it is something that's on my mind more often than it should be.

What crib mattress do you recommend? The only one that I can find a consensus of approval is the Naturpedic, but I don't know if I want to spend $350 dollars. I'd love your opinions.
Are there any protein powders good for pregnancy? My doctor told me to avoid them since their isn't enough data about the effects during pregnancy/breastfeeding, but I'm curious if there have been some approved. I need more protein, and I would love to find something to use until she weens.

Now please keep L.D. from Dispositve Motion in your thoughts as she has her baby. I can't wait to see her pictures and here all the details. You go, girl!

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